RE/DONE LEVI’S {authentic vintage denim of your dreams, worn in and remade for every body}


RE/DONE is probably one of the most genius fashion concepts out there at the moment. Not to mention we have a very special relationship. Partly because I am obsessed with their cuts and great styles AND the fact that they look awesome pre and post yoga, but mostly because the idea, concept and brand ethos comes from a place near and dear to my heart and I am really really excited to share it all with you guys.


For starters, RE/DONE is not a denim brand (or so they say). It is a movement. Why? Because they are the first luxury brand to restore individuality and keep heritage brands relevant while also creating sustainable fashion. RE/DONE celebrates the stories of years of wear that Vintage Levi’s denim carries. Via the circulation of owners and transformation of the fabric, RE/DONE aspires to not only celebrate each jean’s personal past, but be a part of their (nearly) eternal story. They take apart these individual vintage pieces are recut and resew them into their own personal cuts and styles.


Even cooler, RE/DONE is entirely manufactured in Down town Los Angeles, and proudly use water conserving methods (nothing harsh and artificial). While this artisanal garment comes at a rather high price, it is my favorite kind of splurge. As they say themselves, ‘WE ARE RE/DONE, AND WE’RE PROUD TO MAKE JEANS AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE.” Their jeans aren’t just for the models on Instagram, but for every and all women (and even men). They also have some awesome t-shirts and other garments that I am a huge fan of. Please check out their site, splurge and become a part of the movement. (P.S. Global free shipping everyone)


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