Best sandwich in Paris {chezaline, i promise you}


I have been a big fan of this place ever since I discovered it years ago. CheZaline is simply the best sandwich joint you will find in Paris. I am willing to put several important things on it. Not to mention, you will also find other homemade savoury and sweet goodies that are equally delicious. Let me let you in on their magic.


With a menu that changes nearly daily, CheZaline offers a variety of made to order sandwiches on either a traditional baguette, or a round seeded brioche-like bread. From a simple Prince de Paris ham sandwich with delicious Saint-Nectaire cheese (on baguette of course), to something a bit more inventive such as avocado, thinly sliced carrots and feta (on their round bread), everything is simply delicious. I could eat at this place any and everyday. I am willing to cross Paris just for one of their sandwiches, they are that good. In addition to these pretty fantastic sandwiches, they have all kinds of little salads, a hot dish of the day and very tempting desserts. To drink? They serve natural wines and other no-additive beverages. What’s my pick? Their feta, vegetable combination (which varies depending on the season but is usually zucchini or eggplant) with dressed salad and tapenade on a traditional baguette with their apple crumble for dessert …now I’m hungry. Don’t miss this incredibly delicious spot. CheZaline – 85, rue de la Roquette 75011.


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