Bliss Studio, a Parisian place where dreams come true

Let’s discover the Savoir Vivre of Bliss Studio, a Parisian place where dreams come true. A place that is home to creative energies with a communitarian spirit of a co-working and a cultural and artistic showroom for magical events!!! We are chatting with founder Hanna Mansson to get the inside scoop.


How did Bliss become a reality?

Before I moved to Paris I worked in an advertising agency. What I really wanted was to have my own company, but because I didn’t speak French and I also I didn’t have any contacts in Paris (I knew literally, no one!) I decided to take a job with an advertising agency here. The agency happened to me on the same street as Bliss, only about 100 meters away, rue Notre Dame de Nazareth. So figure-toi everyday I was walking passing this place, this place I now call Bliss Studio. This was about 7 and a half years ago. 

Every single time I passed by the space I would stop. Even though it was a gallery at the time, I said to myself, you know what, I want this place. I knew that it was a place filled with so much love, I knew it was for me, but the problem was I didn’t have any idea of what I could do with it. It was like I had a magical intention … 

3 years later I finally quit the agency and realized it was time for me to start my own business. At the time I wanted to open a new kind of agency for art directors, for movies. I worked on this project idea for a year, in the end I didn’t feel that it was right…I knew there were other better ideas out there for me. I spent another solid year developing my new idea.

The idea came to me via freelance work for Airbnb. At the time I was working as a guide, meeting for breakfast with tourists. One day I met a photographer from London who told me about a fantastic co-working space in London. This was long before co-working was known in Paris. I thought this idea was amazing, it made sense to me as a freelancer that worked from home. I was used to working in an agency with lots of other really creative people. I knew that I was missing that open space to discuss and develop ideas with other people in the office. I was feeling a bit stuck at home. My mid day naps, laundry-filled days and random snack times were leaving me incredibly unproductive.

I began to notice that a lot of tourists were asking me where they could go to work when they were visiting Paris. So I finally decided to open my own creative co-working space. By this time there were a few co-working offices that that opened in Paris, but I found their design dark and not very creative. I wanted to open a lighthouse for creative people in Paris. I didn’t have any clients, but I knew that if I followed this light inside of me that I was going to make it work. I wanted to create a space where people would feel- feel because the space felt like your home and it was sweet and nice. I wanted it to be a space where you felt like everything is possible. This was the kind of space that I wanted to create.

I searched for the right location for months because every space I visited just didn’t seem right. I looked at maybe 20 different locations!! They were all either too big, too dark, or didn’t have the good energy that I was looking for.

Until one day… I was in the in the Marais. I was waiting to see a new location and the owner showed up 20 minutes late. Then he couldn’t open the door with the key, even though it was in fact the right key. I told him not to worry about it… I knew it is not my place. I said to him, “I just know, tell your boss that I didn’t like it. I know this is not my place, the key doesn’t work.” Finally, I left and decided to take a different route back home. I never had gone to a real estate office to search for a location but low and behold on my stroll back home, I walked by a very particular real estate office… I had this feeling in me 10 meters after passing the storefront that I needed to go back and ask what they had available. So I went back and the agent told me that she had 3 different places to show me. She said that one of them was awful dark, one was too big and the one a little bit smaller but that I should take a look anyway. We walked up to this last place and I couldn’t believe it, but it was the gallery that I had always dreamed of. I freaked out!!! And told her the entire story. She too agreed, that it was my place, and 5 months later it was.


Describe Bliss Studio.

Bliss is part co-working, part showroom. It is where creative people expose in an open space. As an Art Director, design is very important to me. It is very light here at Bliss, both energy wise and in the design. It’s not a dark office with the dark red carpet on the floor. It’s a place where you say wow when you get to work.


In what ways is Bliss magical?

Because of the energy here.


Describe the energy.

Light and magic makes dreams come true.

What is the Savoir Vivre of Bliss?

Light happy energy!! It’s easy energy. When you are in a state of Bliss, or the highest state of happiness, you are at ease with yourself. You are zen with yourself. Life is easy and everything is possible. It is the same when it comes to business. When you are in this state, you can create and accomplish anything. I believe anything is possible.


Why the name Bliss Studio?
Originally it was called my French Circus – which was the name of a blog I made when I came to Paris. My blog was called My French Circus because before I moved to Paris I went to see a tarot card reader who told me, “you a boring life, you need to run away with a French circus. You are like an old woman.” Even though I had so many beautiful things, I listened to her. I moved to Paris. The blog was for my friends to follow my new life in Paris. There was something that didn’t feel right about My French Circus as the name. I didn’t want a company name to be circus, even if I love the energy of a circus. I feel like a circus can sometimes be kinda like a bordel. I wanted peaceful energy. So I went back and visited the same tarot card reading woman for clarity on the name. When I arrived, she immediately noticed the necklace I was wearing. I told her that it was a necklace that I had bought for myself when I first moved to Paris: my “Bliss Necklace”. She said there you have your name honey. I added studio to the name because I wanted Bliss to be a place where you can do anything and everything. I didn’t want it to be called just “Bliss” because I thought it sounded too much like a yoga studio. I wanted it to be a photo, illustration, yoga studio. 


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