Clotilde Chaumet {the yogi gangster go to, creator of tihhy and dynamo master coach}


What’s the story on this really dope chick named Clotilde Chaumet? If you are even a little in the know on the best of the best in the fitness world here in Paris, you’ve most certainly heard her name. At only 27 years old, Clotilde is a master coach at Dynamo Cycling, the Parisian equivalent to Soul Cycle, (and by far the best coach at the studio), but she is also the creator and teacher of “Très Intense Hip-hop Yoga” aka TIHHY. Soooo, what is TIHHY, well it’s an intense yoga class focused on movement to the beats of hip-hop music, which mixes flexibility and spirituality.


So where did she and all of this incredibly contagious good energy come from? Clotilde has been a sporty girl since she was a little one. But while spending time between LA and Santa Barbara in her early adulthood, she realised her love of sports mas much more than a hobby, but a lifelong passion. In 2014 she became certified by the American School NASM as a fitness instructor and later took off to complete a 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training in Mysore, India. Since then, she has settled in Paris, where she has already worked on 2 Nike Campaigns (I can imagine we will continue to see a lot more of this girl in the press in the days, months and years to come) and was recently named “The Cycling Panther of Paris” by the New York Times.


Alors, why is she a real yogi guru? Take a quick peek at her Instagram (@chaumetclotilde) and you’ll probably understand why. But it’s not just because she’s flexibly inspiring that I vibe so hard with her, it’s the confidence she has in her students, her creativity and her focus. She pushes me beyond what I thought would be physically possible in each and every TIHHY class I have taken (and Dynamo too for that matter). She has created a concept that is unique, fun and challenging. This woman never gives up. To reserve for your next TIHHY session in Paris click here. She will also be making a special appearance in NYC on Wednesday the 18th from 8 to 9 am at Studio B. RSVP at Check her out. Here or there, she will take you places (mentally and spiritually). Ps. TIHHY even has a clothing line, and the new collection is coming out soon. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.


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