C’REAL BIO {36 different cereals and delicious big grain bowls}


On Rue d’Hauteville in Paris you will find the cereal place of your dreams. It is called C’REAL and I guarantee they will have everything your heart desires (if you are a cereal lover). For starters, they have 36 different cereals to choose from, that can either be purchased by the kilogram (all of which are organic) or can be used in one of the morning formulas. With either your choice of milk or fromage blanc, cereal and warm drink, the day starts on the right note. You can even add a freshly pressed juice to your menu, if that’s your pleasure.

I stopped by for lunch and tried one of their larger lunch sized savory bowls. Their feature of the week was Asian inspired, consisting of a base of either quinoa or rice (I chose quinoa) with lentils, spinach, apple chutney, carrots and sesame. It was simply delicious. Their lunch formula also includes a dessert and is very affordable at 8,50 euros. Their desserts range from a yummy fruit salad to more inventive options like chia pudding, and a chocolatey goodness with mascarpone and little grains to top it off. They do offer other savory options for lunch, including soups and quiche and have a organic shop (in-store) where you can buy jams, tea and little treats. I was very impressed by this inventive spot that is one of a kind here in Paris. Give it a shot. C’REAL – 28 Rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris. Side note – they have co working downstairs.


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