Hanging with Founders of Fleur Marché, aka the Sephora of CBD

Today we are hanging and chatting with the founders of Fleur Marché. The Sephora of CBD, Fleur Marche is a beautifully-designed e-commerce platform that curates only the most premium CBD products and provides an experience that is intuitive, delightful, and easy for beginners. Created by former goop directors who have a history of building wellness experiences for women both on and offline, Fleur Marché is the intersection of exceptional CBD products, education, and community in one trusted space. These chicks’ Savoir Vivre is quite simple, “Feel good, be WELL.”

FM Founders

What time do you wake up?

MEREDITH: 6 – 6:30 am usually

ASHLEY: 5:30-6am

Morning routine?

MEREDITH: My daughter usually wakes me up by 6:00-6:30 latest.  I make Liv (daughter) her breakfast, throw down some coffee for myself, and answer a few emails while picking out both of our outfits for the day.  I tend to skip breakfast (I know, important but…), do a low maintenance skincare routine (usually inclusive of Saint Jane), and hustle out the door to take my daughter to school or workout depending on the day before heading to work!

ASHLEY: I’m usually up at 5:30 (either because I’m heading to the gym, my husband is heading to the gym, or I’m thinking about work). The first thing I touch is my phone (bad habit, I know…), and then I’ll turn over to say hi to my hubby. Our dog, Raina (4 year-old blue nose pitbull) is next on the morning greeting list – she usually jumps into bed with us for a little while before I force myself up, try to drink some water, get dressed in the dark and head out the door. On the mornings when my day starts a bit later, I try to stay in bed until 7:30 watching the news and  answering emails/snuggling with the dog until it’s time to get up, shower, figure out what to wear, change 3 times, make a quick breakfast and head out the door!


Weed in the morning? Weed in the evening?

MEREDITH: When I am NOT pregnant, I tend to do CBD only during the day (tinctures daily and then edibles and patches if I need extra relief or feel extra stressed), and CBD+THC at night – often in lieu of wine.  It’s less calories and there’s no hangover. Because I currently have a baby on the way, I have of course adjusted my routine, but I do use very select topicals for workout recovery or targeted pain relief.

ASHLEY: I’m pregnant, so these days I only use topical CBD products for pain relief, sore muscles and skincare. Before I was pregnant, I took a Rosebud’s 350 CBD tincture every morning for anxiety and loved Beboe THC pastilles before a date night – it’s great if you’re trying to avoid that 3rd glass of wine!

What are the benefits for women?

ASHLEY: While I don’t know that cannabis affects women differently than men (from a physiological perspective), I do think that CBD’s benefits are particularly relevant to the modern woman, who is going at full speed – managing life, career, family – and finds herself struggling with things like stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, pain management and skincare issues. CBD has been shown to have a positive impact on each of these issues, making it a powerful and valuable wellness tool. As more and more women (rightly) start to incorporate self-care care into their lives, we believe CBD is something they should consider to help them feel better.


Why did you decide to create a female focused apothecary?

MEREDITH: Women hold the purchasing power yet are overlooked by the traditional cannabis industry. They are disproportionately affected by negative stigmas associated with cannabis and are out of touch with the new ways people are thinking about it (and the types of people using it).  I am a responsible 34-year-old career-driven mom, and I use cannabis daily.  Two years ago, I wouldn’t touch it because I also held that stigma.  Cannabis products have evolved to be more relevant than ever to women who are invested in self-care, there’s just no one talking to them (especially beginners).  Creating a female-focused platform allows us to speak directly to the MVP of consumers, women, about cannabis in terms that feel relevant to their life and needs and deliver an elevated shopping experience.

Do you add adaptogens and superfoods to your diet too? 

MEREDITH: I used Sun Potion’s Ashwagandha for a bit for sure.  Also definitely include superfoods in my diet whenever possible. I got pretty into Chia Seeds for a hot minute, but now I keep it pretty simple with all of the predictable “superfoods” like almonds, walnuts, avocado, blueberries, beans, salmon, spinach…this could get boring ;)

ASHLEY: I was also a big user of Ashwagandha (in my coffee every morning), and often included Maca and/or Rhodiola in a smoothie now and then. In pregnancy, I’ve cut down on a lot of those herbs but I’ve always been huge fan of all the major superfoods (blueberries, salmon, greens, etc.) and try to incorporate them into most meals.


Coffee or tea?

MEREDITH: Coffee.  If I am ambitious: Stumptown, Verve, Ruby, Canyon, or if CBD infused I’ll do Strava! Often, I also just drink my handy Nespresso.

ASHLEY: I mostly like a warm drink in the morning – I prefer coffee (black), but generally go with decaf because I don’t feel like I need the caffeine. For a while I switched to matcha lattes exclusively, and then overdid it, so now I’m back to black coffee and almond milk lattes.

What do you do for exercise?

MEREDITH: I see a trainer 2 x per week right now to learn how to actually lift weights and strengthen.  Beyond that, I try to do a couple cardio days a week and I love classes, especially barre classes. My daughter also keeps me on my toes, so anyway I can combine being outdoors with her and integrate movement is a win-win.

ASHLEY: I work out 3-4 times a week, a mix between weight training in the gym and running outside – a good beach run is my meditation!

What is on your current playlist? Can you share it with us?

MEREDITH: Oh fun question!  Thanks to my husband, I have added the new Holy Ghost into my rotation, with  Ximena Sarinana, Maggie Rogers, Mac DeMarco, and then some real goodies from my 3 year old are in the mix for her (think Disney songs).

ASHLEY: I’m pretty into the new Vampire Weekend album and have been doing a lot of Bon Iver and Andrew Bird in the mornings. When I want to get pumped for anything Green Day and Blink 182 have always been and will always be my go-tos (since I was 12!).


Do you have a beauty routine? 

MEREDITH: I am inconsistent with my cleansers, but I start with one that has an exfoliant in it – my favorite is still goop’s Exfoliating Instant Facial.  If I need an extra boost, I will incorporate True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster.  And then I have been using Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum on the reg !! For the bod, I am obsessed with Necessaire right now – Eucalyptus Body Wash, and then the same fragrance for The Body Lotion.  I have always had pesky bumps on the back of my arms, and between these products, proper exfoliating and dry-brushing I have seen a real difference!

ASHLEY : As a goop alumna, I’m big on clean beauty products. I generally switch up my cleanser every time I finish one off, but I’m currently using Alpyn Beauty Bubbling Cleanser in the mornings. After I wash, I apply a hyaluronic acid from Image Skincare, followed by True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster mixed with their Renew Serum. I moisturize with Lavido’s Ultra Daily Facial Cream and then use Coola sunblock to finish it off. At night, I wash with Honest Beauty’s Gentle Gel Cleanser, apply Gara’s Youth Serum and use Lavido’s Age Away Hydrating Cream.

What time of the day do you feel the best?

MEREDITH: 10 am.  V woke by then, caffeinated and exercised.

ASHLEY: 8-9am, I’m usually up, I’ve worked out and feel energized and ready to go.

How do you get your energy up at your down time of the day?

MEREDITH: I am a sucker for an afternoon coffee, tea, or edible.  Right now, I just try to pound some water.  Also taking a quick walk or moving locations helps.  So afternoon meetings offsite are nice because it keeps me moving and stimulated throughout the day.

ASHLEY: If I’m feeling really low energy, I try to go outside and sit in the sun for a minute. The vitamin D infusion usually helps wake me up and get me going again. CBD is also awesome for energy and focus, so when I wasn’t pregnant I’d take some of Yuyo Botanics’s AM Formula (which is formulated with Ashwagandha, my go-to adaptogen) to keep me focused and alert. If I’m REALLY struggling, I’ve been known to indulge my sweet tooth from time to time… ;)


How do you deal with the everyday stress of being an entrepreneur?

MEREDITH: While this is my first business I have co-founded and owned, I’m a bit of a serial start up-er.  This is my 4th in a row.  So, in a way, I think I am very well adjusted to a constant level of chaos.  I think accepting that it’s unrealistic to achieve all of those check boxes on your task list (even your daily one) is the first step, and then just being diligent about re-working your priorities and staying in constant communication with your cross functional partners is key to making progress in all of the right areas.

ASHLEY: Funny enough, the daily stresses of being an entrepreneur most affect me in the mornings…and they can hit hard. I usually wake up (sometimes way before I want to) with a to-do list in my head that includes all of the things I didn’t do the day before. I have a few tricks for dealing with it. 1) My mom always said that the best way to deal with stress was to start working, so I’ll often pop into my email and start tackling incoming requests from bed. I know that this is probably a wellness “no no,” but there’s something comforting about having my husband and my dog close by while I’m getting sh*t done.  2) I find that a good sweat usually makes me feel better about everything, so I’ll go work out or go for a run. 3) I’ve been working on my breathing – whenever I start to feel tense I try to take some deep breaths, re-center, stop thinking for a minute and then see where I come out. 4) The thing that I think is really key as an entrepreneur is to work hard not to freak out about the things you can’t control and prioritize your stress for anything I can change/fix/edit has definitely made me a calmer person (at least with regards to the business).

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

MEREDITH: I really love building things.  I thrive in an environment that is grey, and requires wearing a lot of hats, and feels totally unchartered.  The energy at a start-up, or somewhere with an entrepreneurial environment is like no other – it feels electric, with a deep sense of comradery and gives everyone a real common purpose.  Kind of like a going for a championship, for a team sport or something.  I dig it.

ASHLEY: Fleur Marché – I was never really someone who wanted to start a business. In fact, I always envisioned myself running someone else’s. But once I locked into CBD and this specific idea, I couldn’t really get it out of my head and had a pretty clear vision for what I wanted to do. Once that happened, everything else (starting and building the company) fell into place pretty quickly.


What is the last book you read?

MEREDITH: Less, by Andrew Sean Greer

ASHLEY: Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

What is your go to homemade meal?


ASHLEY: Turkey tacos or turkey meatballs.

What is your drink of choice?

MEREDITH: Alcoholic?  Slightly dirty vodka martini with olives. Or wine.

ASHLEY: Tequila soda with a LOT of lime (I always asked the bartender to put in one more lime than he/she thinks is appropriate)

What is your biggest vice?

MEREDITH: Reality TV for sure.  It’s the easiest way for me to totally decompress and veg out after an intense day.

ASHLEY: Reality TV and sugar. My ideal night is watching anything on Bravo while pounding Red Vines or frozen Junior Mints…TMI?


What time do you go to bed?

MEREDITH: I am definitely horizontal by 9 pm. Usually drifting off by 10 latest.

ASHLEY: I usually fall asleep watching TV next to my husband around 11. I know that’s not great for my sleep quality, but my husband and I both work so much that I try to squeeze every minute of hang time out of our weeknights together (even if I’m asleep for a lot of it!).

Bedtime ritual?

MEREDITH: I have a pretty solid energy level in general, and I really attribute that to my sleep.  I have always been a good sleeper, however, I have trouble turning my brain off some nights (starting a business is a wild ride, and turns out you can’t really hit an off switch) – so I really do lean on CBD, or THC to get me back to homeostasis.  To help with my sleep if I am struggling,  I prefer vaping – my favorite is Beboe’s CBD Calming Vape Pen.  For general wellness maintenance to keep me in a balanced state, I use tinctures – I have Juna’s Nude Drops and Yuyo Botanics’s AM Formula on repeat for daytime use.

ASHLEY: I’ve always been a pretty strong sleeper, meaning I can fall asleep anywhere, including my living room with all the lights on and the TV blaring. I’m trying not to do that as often, so now I try to put on comfy clothes right when I get home at night, after which I wash my face and do my nighttime skincare regimen. This way, after dinner all I have to do is brush my teeth and I’m ready for bed…


What do you do to relax?

MEREDITH: Sunbath / pool time / beach time.  I love the beach with my fam, any time outdoors and soaking up vitamin D with my buds (my husband and daughter) really recharges me.

ASHLEY: I love riding my bike – whether it’s around Venice (where I live) or a long ride to Playa del Rey or Manhattan Beach, being outside and moving make me feel really happy and relaxed. I also love running, even when I hate it. It’s my form of meditation, an hour where I listen to music, sweat, and don’t really think about anything. I live near the beach and a good run combined with the ocean can make me feel better about anything. Oh, and a good massage always works, too.


Favorite city in the world?

MEREDITH: That’s so hard! Tokyo and Rome rank pretty high up for me. But domestically, I I will never not love NYC, and I really like Austin, Nashville, and The Black Hills (South Dakota) – there are so many beautiful places in the flyover states that deserve more love!

ASHLEY: I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and there are some pretty fab places to visit. I think Paris is one of the more special places I’ve been, and I’ve always had this dream of living there some day. Tel Aviv is also a city that felt so far away and remote, until I visited and immediately felt comfortable and at home. I’ve visited twice and could go back 100 more times. That said, no matter where I’ve been, I love coming back to LA. I was born and raised here, and I’ve always been kind of in love with it. On a Saturday in the summertime, when it’s 80 degrees and sunny and everyone is out and about, there’s really no place I’d rather be.

Your dream vacation?

MEREDITH: Hmmm.  Right now?  I’m craving serious tropical or warm weather vibes. A place with a body of water, warm temperatures, and tasty food that has no internet so I can actually disconnect.  Soooo, Mexico? Mexico is always a good idea.

ASHLEY: I love any vacation that has the right ratio of adventure & exploring to relaxation to amazing food. Our honeymoon was in Italy, where we bopped between the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Rome. There were boats, beaches, pasta, vineyards, small town explorations, a U2 concert, shopping, A LOT of aperol spritzes, and the only bad thing about it was coming home. I’d love it if every vacation that was that simultaneously exciting, relaxing, and delicious. I’ve had Morocco on my bucket list for a while now, hopefully that’s my next big adventure!

Your next vacation?

MEREDITH: Planning a little family jaunt up north (wine country) for Memorial Day.  Quick but perfect.

ASHLEY: Going to Lanai, Hawaii for Memorial Day, cannot wait!!


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