First Two Stops in Manhattan {y7 for the dopest vinyasa practice and sweetgreen for the best salad}


So I officially touched down in NYC last night. In an effort to completely forget jet lag, I took my first day by storm, which of course included visiting two of my favorite places Y7 and Sweetgreen, where else?


I started my day with a Vinyasa Y7 flow at their newly opened Meatpacking location. It was everything I wanted it to be and everything I always remembered it to be. Teacher Ashley Dixon guided a spiritual yet fun Hip Hop Wednesday. I loved the new studio and even broke a little bit of the bank for their exclusive “I’m not your happy baby” t-shirt. Y7 will always hold a very special place in my heart. As one of their oldest fans, who started taking their classes when they were only a very small business (when classes were held in a small studio apartment in Williamsburg), I am so proud to see how this business has grown into a known and well appreciated enterprise. THEY FLOW HARD.


Practice was followed by none other than the Kale Caesar from Sweetgreen. It is my classic pick, I rarely sly away, but I must say the rest of their menu does really rock. Everything is 100% seasonal, and they always have salad specials (that are usually very tempting). As usual, I was not disappointed. Sweetgreen is another one of those awesome things I have seen grown enormously since I have left NYC. And with good reason. Sweegreen, can you come to Paris please?

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Last FYI – tomorrow I will be taking over @thethirty Instagram. Stay tuned and give them a follow to see my other favorite NY spots. It’s gonna be epic.

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Headed to NYC Baby! {hitting all my favorite spots and open to suggestions}


Hey all! Very cool news, next week I am headed to the Big Apple. I am excited to discover, explore and see what’s happening in terms of well-being and yoga in my hometown. Visits are already all set and planned at YogaWorks, Y7, The Class TT and Woom Center. YEA. As for foodie tips, let me know the best new spot to get my avo toast fix please. Stay tuned for my NYC guide.


IT Trattoria {fast-food italien frais à paris}


Donc, vous voulez manger quelque chose de délicieux, frais et fait maison, qui est fait avec amour et des ingrédients frais. Je confirme, c’est très difficile à trouver à Paris, où les choses sont prises à un rythme plus lent. Eh bien, j’ai l’endroit pour vous ! Cela s’appelle IT Trattoria et cela résoudra tous vos problèmes. Chez IT, les produits sont fabriqués quotidiennement avec qualité et amour.


Avec une fabuleuse sélection de pizzas, de pâtes et d’antipasti et d’insalata, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Sans oublier leur liste de vins qui est fabuleusement sélectionnée et ils offrent même les Aperol Spritz et les bières italiennes. Tous les ingrédients frais sont importés d’Italie et les sauces sont faites maison. Leur concept – dolce vita, comme les fondateurs disent “ils se sont associés pour créer ce qu’ils pensent être l’avenir de la restauration rapide : une cuisine simple avec des produits frais, des préparations minute, le tout dans une ambiance moderne à la fois chaleureuse et décontractée, et dont on peut profiter à n’importe quel moment de la journée.” Ils ont réussi. Go check their site pour trouver leur restaurants parisiens, et pour d’autre information.


Partenariat officiel avec Pukka Herbs {le meilleur thé et le seul thé que je bois}


Aujourd’hui est une journée très excitante pour moi, c’est parce que je peux annoncer officiellement mon partenariat avec Pukka Herbs.  Mais bon – aujourd’hui c’est aussi très excitant pour vous, car je serai en mesure de vous présenter cette merveilleuse marque. Je suis assez convaincu que vous aussi boirez bientôt leur thé et leur thé seulement. Alors pourquoi Pukka tea and only Pukka tea ? Parlons-en.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.46.22.png

Pukka est 100% bio. Le logo de Soil Association sur le dos de tous leurs produits atteste que tous leurs ingrédients sont certifiés selon les normes biologiques de l’UE. Ces ingrédients biologiques cherchent à réduire notre empreinte carbone. Pukka croit fermement qu’un monde en bonne santé signifie que vous êtes en bonne santé, and I couldn’t agree more. C’est pourquoi je me sens si honoré de représenter cette marque.

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As for the fun stuff, leurs différentes variétés. Pendant que vous verrez sur mes histoires Instagram via ma propre expérience de test et de dégustation, but wait – parlons des options incroyables de cette marque. Ils ont une large gamme de thés qui inclut du thé pour l’énergie, digestif, curcuma et nettoyage, et des thés pour l’immunité, la relaxation et les FEMMES. For starters, leur thé «l amour » composé de camomille et de lavande, une autre beauté « l’or de curcuma » – un thé qui célèbre la vie avec du citron, de la cardamome et du thé vert. Leur sélection est si grande que je pourrais continuer pendant des heures, mais je vais vous laisser découvrir le reste sur leur site. P.s. Ils ont même des suppléments de bien-être et tout est disponible sur leur boutique en ligne. Yay pour Pukka! I am so excited to share ma propre histoire Pukka avec vous tous à partir de maintenant.

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JUNE7.2 {from nyc to paris to la, this brand makes comfort look sexy and cool}


Today I am sharing with you a brand that I am so pleased and proud to present (and represent), June7.2. For me – this brand is so much more than comfortable clothes that look great and are made with love, it is an entire lifestyle.


June7.2 was started by International model Ingrid Seynhaeve and Argentinian designer Jacquie Moroni, two girlfriends of many years. As these chics share the same fashion sense they decided to recreate the t-shirt. They wanted it to make a t-shirt that both looked and felt like second skin – the t-shirt that got cooler and looser with each wear. How did they do it? Well, as they say, “living between Los Angeles, New York and Paris, inspired by the West coast free spirit, NY lifestyle and individualistic spirit and Paris’ craftsmanship. JUNE7.2 was born.”


The effortless look and feel of their clothes comes so naturally. Their line has now grown to include dresses, skirts and sweats (even more options are to come). Their pieces are subtle yet sexy, relaxed yet constructed. I feel so happy and comfortable in June7.2. It gives me that sense of girl power I need, while being comfortable AND chic. Every detail is carefully considered, from the signature seam embroidered red arrows to the NO7.2 stamp. Each piece is so heavily inspired by the brand’s DNA, a factor I find the most important in this day and age of fashion.


June7.2 is available in boutiques all around the world and for purchase on their online site. It is truly the only place to turn to for the kinda clothes girls like us are looking for. As June7.2 promises (and I comply), their brand is shaped by a “laid back style that makes every woman feel confident in their own body; the woman who can wear the same tee shirt for every occasion no matter where she goes – casual cool by day and tucked in for classy chic by night.” I don’t know about you – but that woman is most certainly me. June7.2, you rock ( and you make us feel like we do too). Check out their site and Instagram (@June7.2) for more info.


Photo credit – Becca Gerbino

Yotam Ottolenghi {the israeli british chef i live by and best restaurant of london}


If you’ve never heard the name, shame on you, as this man is a sheer genius. And still, if you haven’t heard the name you’re about to get the low down. As it’s Thursday, I thought I would do a little throw back and talk about the London institution for healthy, good and delicious eating that I hold very close to my heart. If you must go anywhere when you are in London, you must pay a visit to an Ottolenghi restaurant.


Who is Yotam? Born and raised in Jerusalem, the man has a very very interesting history and life that came before his fooding success. That being said, his fooding endeavour did not start directly with this vision, but early in his career he began working in the industry as a pastry chef for several very known and reputed resaturants. But it all really began in 2002 when he opened Ottolenghi in Notting Hill.


His dishes quickly sought praise, with a foundation on vegetables, crazy and inventive flavour combinations, and the essential Middle Eastern spices including za’atar, rose water and pomegranate molasses that must are completely unaccustomed to. The business has grown enormously since, and he now has a variety locations including a finer dining restaurant called Nopi. Each restaurant has a calm and “at home” ambiance. It’s always like I never left when I return to Ottolenghi. The only thing missing is, is that he has not opened in Paris (please come to Paris Mr. Otttolenghi). But at least he has published several cookbooks, so we can make our own attempts at home. Honestly, I cannot say enough positive things about this incredible chef. The only thing I can really say is that the next time you’re in London, you absolutely MUST visit Ottolenghi. As you can see from the photos, you will leave happy. Check their site for more info.