Relax and Detox {with yogandha oils that really make you feel a lot of good vibrations}

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I must admit, I am not a huge product user. I am pretty basic when it comes to skin care, but these oils have made me WANT to take those extra 5 minutes. Not only because these oils are excellent for the skin and 100% organic, but because these potions actually make you feel something. Being that Yogandha oils are 100% natural, they are absorbed directly into the body for the maximum effect. After having discovered the muscle sooth oil at my yoga studio, I was immediately addicted. Not yet convinced? Well this particular oil was formulated through 3 years of meditation by yoga teacher, Sinead Duffy, to soothe soothe and care for your body. AKA I can assure you (and basically prove to you) that it brings you to a state of equilibrium mentally and physically post use. That being said, I knew it was time to get my hands on the detox and relax oils.


These two babies are sheer magic. First, I tried the relax oil, intended to be used as part of your daily wind down routine. The mixture of lavender, providing a mild sedative quality, and blue chamomile, encouraging stillness and reflection, allowed me to chill with ease and comfort. I sincerely felt more relaxed and all around lighter before quietly ending a chaotic day. Detox provided for a likewise (very positive) experience. According to Yoghanda, this Gandha ritual is a moment of self connection before you start your day, and boy were they were right. The cleansing juniper berry wholeheartedly yielded a purifying and detoxifying sensation all throughout my body. Not to mention the mixture of ingredients are incredibly beneficial to the body – juniper berry is an antioxidant, lemongrass stimulates the kidneys (also is thought to help lower cholesterol) and sweet fennel is a great for the digestive system. Yogandha – I heart you. For more info on the concept, the owner and how to purchase these beauties please check out their website.

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