Savoir Vivre with Anne Diagne, Parisian Press Consultant in LA

On this new episode of Savoir Vivre we meet Anne Diagne, a real Parisian and Press Consultant who currently lives in Los Angeles. Former Director of Press Relations for The Kooples in Paris, Anne currently works in product placement with celebrities in Hollywood. LA by nature, Paris by blood and vegetarian for the past 15 years, Anne has been a part of the new health-conscious revolution here in Paris and I can assure you that she is ready to give us the low down.

Your Parisian cantine?


Your cantine in LA?

Cafe Stella.

Drink of choice?

Tumeric tea.


Your morning routine?

I wake up around 6:30 and start by a mantra of gratitude for being alive on this beautiful earth. I have a lot of gratitude. After, I look at my emails and then go on a hike with one of my friends. We discuss spirituality, how to be better every single day, how to motivate each other, how to have gratitude for everything we do. It’s very profound.

For breakfast?

In the morning I usually eat something balanced and savoury. Yes, I am a vegetarian but I eat eggs. Normally I make eggs with kale.


How do you stay centered?

Meditation guides me, it’s how I keep calm and have good vibes. But good energy is in my nature. For me, in order to be happy and make others happy, you have to smile and be genuinely happy. It’s my goal in life, to make people happy.


Working at the office vs. working by yourself?

Both. I discover a lot about myself when when I work by myself. I really like to work in cafés, it’s important for me to see different energies from different people – artists, the energy from the street, etc. I choose when and where I work based on my intuitions. I can work at any given moment, it’s not unusual for me to work all night long.


Your secrets for feeling good?

 I listen to a lot of music. Music is essential for me. And definitely meditation. I meditate sometimes 3 times per day. I also love meeting people, anytime when energy is shared. I know I have a message for people and they have a message for me. For me this is the experience of life, life is a succession of experiences. To me the most important thing is to never miss out on these experiences, good or bad.


LA vs. Paris

LA is much more “me” than Paris … the overall consciousness … emphasis on meditation. Meditation is part of my everyday life in LA. I used to meditate only like 2 or 3 times a week. In LA I take time for myself, in Paris it was metro, travaille do do. LA, it’s my home, it’s my choice. Paris was not my choice, LA is my chez moi.

Difficulties of living in LA?

This famous “American dating” that I don’t understand… I work in the entertainment world where people have lots of options, all the time. French people are more romantic, it’s in our blood. Sometimes we scream, we cry, but we love it. And me, I am just a human, not an accessory. In LA it’s difficult to meet someone that wants to have a real something, a relationship.


The real image of LA?

The California lifestyle i sa real thing. The nightlife is completely decadent. The evening can be crazy… lots of drugs and alcohol, and then everyone wakes up to go n a hike the next day. For me, this is really strange. I believe that a healthy life is 24/7. People in the US do everything at 1000%. There is no middle ground, they take things really really far. Rihanna does this very well. But on the other hand, people are very  considerate and kind. Even the celebrities are accessible. Its refreshing.

Your image in LA?

I live and work in an industry that likes to party, but I always stay true to my healthy lifestyle, it’s in my blood. I love to meet people and I don’t need to drink or do anything to be social. I live healthy from A to Z and I will never change. I concentrate on myself and I don’t try to convert others. And when I do stumble upon those who live a fabulous life, that is different than mine, it’s no big deal.


How do you keep self-confident?

I am very honest with myself. My meditation helps a lot too. I believe in karma and in energy, it balances me.


How did you create your Cali tribe?

I attract good people. It is like synchronicity, the law of attraction. I meet people by the synchronic life. “By chance” does not exist. It’s something that we have invented because we did not know how to explain things. “We” call on people.


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