The Best Avocado Toasts in Paris {fragments, muscovado and love juice bar}


The most important question to be answered when visiting a new city is always who makes the best avocado toast? Simple as it may seem, it’s not the easiest thing to figure out. I am laying out the best places, here in Paris, to get your hands on this dreamy dish and why my faves makes the cut.


For the simplest and most copious – Fragments. In the heart of the Marais, this coffee shop makes the most delicious in Paris. On bread from Boulangerie Bo (if you don’t know, go) with a very generous amount of avocado and fresh seasonings ranging seasonally from a squeeze of lemon juice to a bit of chilli pepper. Digestive smiles guaranteed. Not to mention their coffee is spectacular and the ambiance is quite fab. Fragments Paris – 76 Rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris.


For the gourmand, Muscovado. This is by far the most decadent of avocado toasts in Paris but oh is it good. Served on a to die for grilled brioche that is rather sweet, the avocado is slathered on with peas, mozzarella di bufala and a touch of olive oil. Yes, I must admit it is rich, but its darn good. The staff is also rather friendly and they have many other breakfast, lunch and brunch options that will make satisfy whoever you may be dining with. Treat yo self, Muscovado – 1 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris.


For the most health conscious, Love Juice Bar. Their avocado toast is made on gluten free bread (from Chambelland en plus). It is simple, but all we could possibly ask for. The avocados are of course organic, and the toasts are seasoned with the most qualitative of ingredients. Be sure to test their fresh pressed juices, delicious lattes and smoothie bowls too, this is the spot. Love Juice Bar – 26 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris.


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