TIHHY {très intense hip-hop yoga is kinda like really cool}


Très intense hip-hop yoga aka TIHHY is a concept created by well known Clotilde Chaumet, named Cycling Panther by the New York Times and Parisian spin yoga gangster by all the rest. So what is TIHHY? What makes it different from other yoga practices or styles? TIHHY is yoga to the beat of hip-hop music. It is a thoughtful flow of movements mixed with inversions and cardio to the beats of Spotify playlists I would pay to get my hands on.


Based on the intense and high level of TIHHY classes I had taken in the past, I decided to give the MASTER CLASS a shot. This two hour intensive based on backbends and shoulder strength was both satisfying and physically intense. I left with a very open heart, physically and mentally (surely with soreness to come). Clotilde takes each student seriously with care and pushed each and everyone of us further, within our own body’s limits.


For your untraditional yoga class, where you will see physical progression and move to the beat of only the best hip-hop beats, TIHHY is your best friend. I suggest following the very dope Instagram @tihhy_ (and founder Clotilde’s as well (chaumetclotilde) and checking out their site to sign up for a class. Big really dope side note – TIHHY has apparel, and the pieces are reaaaaal cool (I want to get my hands on a sweat or a tee).


Photo credit : TIHHY

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